#TDM V3 – Long Drone

Long Story Edit

The following is the first complete piece produced using mainly the Drone Machine device. Very much improvised around experimentation. The ‘guide vocal’ comes from the filmed content and as such has some domestic ambience (children chattering at computer screens, doors slamming, comings and goings…. the usual) which whilst moderated still exist in the final mix.
I’ve picked up a couple of Danelectro guitar pedals recently also, these combined with app distortions have lifted the noise a little further. There’s quite a lot of feedback as well but this is moderated with some additional bass drone and processed generative noise.

The film ended up as the most frustrating as some of the found content had file errors so I had to locate them and reconstruct the sequence four times before I could get it to render. The final piece is a little over 18 minutes.


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