Merzfunder Plus

One further post that I didn’t manage to complete over the weekend, and didn’t organise to do at the time it came out. Apologies for this.

MERZFunder Plus is the follow up to the immense MERZFunder release. Hitting the net label in December 2016 the ‘Plus’ release has an amazing range of songs from independent artists active in the avant-garde, noise & experimental soundscapes.
Produced to raise funds for the Cylinders Estate in Ambleside, last home the the Dadaist progenitor Kurt Scwhitters.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to provide cover art for this and honoured to get the last track track slot, with the ramshackle cut-up track that celebrates (??) the collapse of fact in the global political landscape, much as Schwitters did in the 1940’s. This is music for the thinking classes.

Stream and purchase the release below – £3.00 British Pounds (a bargain if purchased overseas given the on-going collapse) and all to a great cause.


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