Post:Soc is a various artists compilation. The collection is of original music by independent artists, with proceeds going to Depaul International homelessness charities, and is compiled and distributed by the Submarine Broadcasting Co.

The artists included produce a wide range of experimental and ambient music.

The album can be purchased and streamed from Bandcamp with CD copies available. Post:Soc//Post:Script, a follow up of additional tracks will be available soon.

Post:Soc includes the collaboration between the Glove of Bones, Peter Wullen & Céline Lory ‘Peau et Feu’.

Post:Soc//Post:Script includes the GoB track ‘World Wide Blue$ – High Water Mark’.

I would like to thank Admiral Mellor of the Submarine Broadcasting Co for asking the GoB to contribute design for the covers of the project. I’m very pleased to see the physical copy looking as intended. Thank you Admiral.

Please consider a purchase of the works in any format. All profits going to a very worthy cause, given the challenges of our post-societal world.


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