Dream Topography

Dream Topography is a compilation album by Argali Records, run by John Lithium from Jefferson City, Missouri. You can stream and download the album from the Bandcamp page. Please support independent music labels that put a lot of effort into promoting experimental artists and outsider genres. Even small donations help.

From John Lithium….

An experimental music compilation exploring the theme of dreams, nightmares, and the topology of dream landscapes. As befitting the nature of dreams, there is a wide range of moods, textures, and and techniques encountered throughout these twenty-eight tracks.


Cover artwork shown here from the GoB. The piece ‘Psychopomp (Fuck Turquoise)’ by the GoB is an odd one. It’s partly connected to a project thats a WIP. There is an **almost** reasonable explanation but we can get tothat at some point. Give it a ago, but not just before bed.


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