The Stars Are Good, What?

Following from the previous advertising feature, here’s a few words about the WGATS RMX project. Featuring remix tracks by 13 collaborators these tracks build on the original What Good Are The Stars tracks, taking them from Beltism’s Ramonesque punked up blast to Alan Morse Davies stripped and open & looped fever dream, via Martin Neuholds Gilmorpocalypse, it’s a fantastic set of reimaginings.

The GoB Organisation was pleased to provide cover art and track images for the project (check these in the gallery below) and also allowed loose cannon t. r. hand out on day release to provide a wonky variation the he assures me took several hours.

Listen here and do consider a purchase. #musicisthebest

The proceeds from sales are going to the Make The World Better (MTWB) Foundation (Philadelphia).

Kudos to the ever evolving and growing Submarine Broadcasting Company for bring new music to the world.


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