Some kind of review

This strange debalce started out four years ago. It was coaxed into existence by the ageing process and the human inclination to mark significant milestones. I recall wondering around the fields surrounding Stonehenge when the veil lifted. It was subtle but evident, chattering ghosts calling for attention.

During 2018 the ‘t.r.hand’ emanation occurred, back in February. There were both prosaic and profound origins to the this. Quite bizarrely it has had a significant uptake and interaction. My largest thanks go to Captn Bob at SubBroCo for this. Kudos Bob. t. r. will be back in the New Year, legal proceedings allowing.

The GoB project has been in the main successful. It has become more auditory than I thought it might. There have been some hugely enjoyable collaborations, and some aside projects that worked beyond their means, and many hugely enjoyable creative commissions. The GoB Design Dept has produced many pieces of design for independent artists and net labels. There have been videos for personal projects and others, all approached with a ‘what comes next’ mindset.

Here are a few of the more pleasing pieces.

Warped Wood was for a Six.BySeven release.

The Last Stagger was part of the second t.r. hand project.

‘REAL’ was part to the promo for the second ‘Walls of Dada’ album.

I’d like to offer huge thanks to those brave net radio programs that have aired some of the output over the year. From Unexplained Sounds, The Unquiet Meadow, and the tribute to John Peel its gratifying to hear these odd outpourings have a life outside of my fortress of decrepitude. Many thanks to Raphael, Cyp & ZAphod.

At the start of the year, it being produced at the end of 2017 and crossing over into the New Year, the first release was on Argali Records. Heretical Alchemy remixed sounds by Nathan J Carter, archive hauntings and GoB Dubbiness. It’s dark and strange and was immense fun.

The project included a long video piece for the albums hidden track.

‘Folke Meditation’ followed in February. Like the result of a lustful one night stand, the outcome was unplanned but turned out to be a lovable child (I’m not sure thats a good allusion, t.r. is more of a cuckoo in the nest if anything).

Throughout the year, IFAR included t.r hand pieces in their ongoing 4’33” releases. This one in particular worked out.

In August, the second t.r piece came out. This was intended to be a short e.p. but following a beautiful contribution by Bonnie Currie ran to a greater length. Her work was impressive. Kudos to Bonnie.

t. r. resurfaced in September with a project that had taken the larger part of the year to complete. A lengthy collaboration with avant garde Brazilian musician Glauber K De Souza (Merchants of Air, Ameo Quartet)) the project went to far off places. The music and the product, whilst ‘niche’ at best were perfectly focused and exactly as they could have been.

We were grateful to receive several positive reviews for this work, and I hope to work with GKS again at some point.

November saw the realisation of another long project (again via to transcendent Captn Bob) on SubBroCo. The third dubby colab with Cousin Silas was ‘Afrodubism’. An exploration of freedom of thought and deed via the ghosts of the past. This also included a cassette tape edition which is still just about available. Treat yourself to a post Christmas skank.

Next year needs a shake up. Lets join hands, metaphorically, and decide on a suitable dance. The world is strange place and the best we can hope for is to make an extraordinary contribution to the increasing oddity of life.

Best Wishes to all, you lovely strange souls.


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