The Collective

The Collective is a band at a distance. A group of like minded folk from around the globe who coalesced mainly in the Cousin Silas Emporium around the idea of producing a wide ranging musical collaboration as an homage to the Byrne/Eno works of the early 70’s. Given this huge diversity of talent, the end result is nothing like it’s inspiration, but remains gloriously original.

Volume One ‘Glow of an Old Value’ will be released on the WAAG label on the 7th of June 2019.

The G.o.B Organisation has had huge fun contributing to this project musically and was really pleased to be able to provide digital artwork, cassette packaging artwork and a promo film for the first completed track. You can see that here.

Brian’s Wilde Groove is a lively ride and indicative of the rest of the album. The list of artists on the release is nearly as long as list of previous members of the Fall. The following contributed to this track.

Brian’s Wilde Groove contributors
Glove Of Bones (beat, samples),
Cousin Silas (guitar, synth),
Ron Shayler (guitar),
Glenn Sogge (synths),
Jaime Munárriz (guitar),
Martin Neuhold (handpan sounds).

‘Glow of an Old Value’ will be release as a download only and as a download & cassette release.

Tune in, then turn it up. Buy it here.

…another release from weareallghosts

Design & video by The Glove of Bones
Logistics by Thomas Mathie for weareallghosts



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