The G.O.B was pleased to accept an invitation to curate a there-way-split EP for experimental label Bromtol Largesse.
This is the result.
DUHKHA / Three Way Split EP

01: Duhkha – Mark Fox
02: Trhe Flowwr – Jaime Munárriz
03: Duhkha – t. r. hand

Birth is duḥkha, aging is duḥkha, illness is duḥkha, death is duḥkha
Sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, and despair are duḥkha
Association with the unbeloved is duḥkha; separation from the loved is duḥkha
Not getting what is wanted is duḥkha.

Existence is a loop. T-shirts available at the merch stand.

Mark Fox is a film composer, maker & sonic explorer – markfoxmusic.bandcamp.com
Jaime Munárriz is a musician & educator – avantspace.org/audioreleases.htm
t. r. hand is the fever dream of an alias – gloveofbones.com/the-t-r-hand-project/

Released July 18, 2021

Artwork & curation by the Glove of Bones

Downloads are PWYW. Please support independent music and download a copy to add to your Bandcamp collection.

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