Fawkes Mask

Back in May I received an email via this website.

It went like this…….

“Here’s a contribution to your Glove of Bones project. My name is irrelevant here; it’s just about sharing music and as you say “going under the radar” with this one. Feel free to build upon these tracks, or release it as it is. I also included some samples you could play with if you like. This archive will disappear in 7 days due to We Transfer restrictions, the backup link alive for 30 days is this: ///////// – if you don’t download this work in 29 days from any link it’ll be gone forever.


Name the EP however you like, but please keep the titles, it’s important. Also, please credit GenerIter by Thomas Park and free samples by State Azure (all Creative Commons Attribution) which were used in production. 

Have fun! We aren’t connected on Facebook, just appeared together a couple of times on some compilations, and I’m definitely not Thomas Park or State Azure.”

The name cited was Fawkes Mask and the email address was anonymised. Damn, I love a mystery. Well played Guy.

The link included four pieces; Fol’eah Dispersion (Ante & Post), Chephaecarro & Dora JS. The versions here are added to in various degrees, some extended, textures added, generally messed with. The three other pieces are effectively intro, respite & outro that build on the project themes in the other anonymous tracks. Primavera (For E. V.) is a rework of a track made in the Spring of 2020 with the Anxiety Machine and other ‘real’ instruments.

The keen eared will spot several repeating loops and themes. These might help navigate the provenance of the parts.

From the release page;

“Just in time for Guy Fawkes Night, Argali Records Netlabel is proud to present “Fawkes Mask”, the newest, and perhaps most mysterious missive from The Glove Of Bones. Continuing with the process of auditory alchemy displayed on the previous albums “Heretical Alchemy” and “9”, “Fawkes Mask” is an expansion of sources and themes, appropriate for both the day and the times we live in. Elements of industrial, electronica, dub and ambient can be found herein, along with the intrigue one encounters when multiple musical genres are fused together in this manner.” NJC.

Credit also to Hainbach for the hugely playful ‘Noises’ plugin which gets a good work out within and very much colours the whole work.


This is the third in a current trilogy of albums on Argali Records that started with Heretical Alchemy, then ‘9’. Check them out. They are some of my favourite projects.

All artwork, sound (except as noted above), mixing & mastering by The Glove of Bones.


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