Anna’s Letter – Instrumental & Prints

Anna's Letter Title

The ‘Anna’s Letter’ cycle is definitely the most contentious piece I’ve put out there. Whilst I’ve done some promotion of it, the feeling, even relatively free and independent organisations is that it’s content ‘might scare the horses’, which is fair comment.

So, available now on the A4+ Bandcamp page – here…….

In addition to the original material, there’s a libretto free version which I hope to release elsewhere.

I have also produced a set of limited edition prints (currently A/P only – edition limited to 10 sets). These are fairly free associated around the themes of the original text, which hints of anatomy and elemental forces. The prints are archival inkjet, four pieces each 300mm x 300mm square. These can be purchased through the Bandcamp Merch or you can contact me directly.

Prior to shipping I’ll work out some suitable sleeve for them and send out with a personalised letter of eternal gratitude.

To get a feel for the images they are here, a little low res for web only viewing.

Part One Sm

Part Two Sm

Part Three Sm

Part Four Sm

For more information please email


The Bandcamp page has recently be updated to include the instrumental version. In addition the final product is also complete and available to purchase. Currently only two copies are in existence but any requests can be bullied with approx two weeks of purchase.

The Letter - Folio Edition


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