Blinks/Still Life

Glove of Bones

Once upon a time (as all the best stories start), maybe 10+ years ago, I used to produce visual materials, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs etc – and raise my head above the parapet to exhibit them in various places. For any number of reasons, laziness being the chief culprit and the little time thieves known as children being the other, I stopped doing this.
After some time this creative outlet was replaced by digital fun, blogging, social media and eventually music.

I started the Glove of Bones project with the intention of creating a limiting overarching playing field that with restraints I could consolidate any number of types of materials that would ‘hang together’ thematically & digitally. This has worked well and one project has feed the next, and its gone in directions I didn’t expect – which from my point of view is ideal.

So, recently, via a professional contact, it was suggested that I submit a piece of work to an open exhibition. With no selection process and no fee, this seemed a very reasonable way to put something back out into the real world.

Glove of Bones

The theme of the exhibition at Derby Museums and Art Gallery is ‘Everyone’.

“This summer, we’d like to invite EVERYONE to participate in an art exhibition with a difference. ‘Everyone – Your Place in the World’ is an exhibition to which anyone can submit a piece of two-dimensional artwork fitting the theme of ‘Your Place in the World’ and we pledge to display all of the submissions, in this free to enter exhibition.”

The images in Blinks/Still Life are screen shots of transitional points in the film ‘Glove of Bones’ that I made last year. The broad theme of the film was my place in the world, and kitchen table ‘Koyaanisqatsi‘, a life in and out of balance,filmed locally around my home and the environs of Nottingham.

The images in the print were taken directly from a computer screen whilst he film was playing and incorporate reflects and digital artefacts & moire effects. The images are shot on a camera phone using the Hipstamatic app with a pinhole film & lens set. They are arranged in the same chronology as they appear in the film and I only took the 12 I needed. for the set. This is illustrated by the title ‘Blinks’ its that it wouldn’t be possible to capture by the same process the exact same images.

The images are shown in the gallery below.


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