Misfortunes of the Immortals

This is another starting point. The ‘Ornithology’ album that was made with Cousin Silas last year was just immense fun and (to my mind at least) a huge success. The digitalDIZZY organisation is currently on hiatus so the link is down, but that will get resolved at some point. Everything is transient ultimately, keep the faith, march on.

So, it’s just at the edge of being a thing – but it seems possible that we’ll get another ‘Dub’ (that’s a lose description at best) record together. In trying to get a theme to hang titles, visuals and audio content on I thought the paintings and uttering of the so called Surrealist artists might work. After the success of the Schwitters Merz Funder, there’s plainly a mine of references to bounce off, plus it’s something I enjoy and know something about.

The first experiment is based on Max Ernst whose work I adore.

In particularly I like his collage work, Une Semaine De Bonté, The Girl With A Hundred Heads, but was looking for something a little more obscure.

So I came across this.

Which lead to this…..

In researching this idea I found lots of great documentaries, interviews and exhibition walk throughs. The following was easily the best and I have some vague recollection of seeing it in the past, late night BBC2 arts fair most likely. Of its time but worth a view. Enjoy.


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