Zizi Nègre

Its been a while since I posted here. All kinds of get outs available but basically busy, day job, life etc. So expect a little flurry.

This first as it happened quickly and turned out well. Chatting with Peter Wullen on the FB about various recent events, and at the end of the conversation “Let’s do something” which is always a good place to start.

So, a 32 second clip (aaarrgghhh – aspect ratio!!) and another slow mo’ from a recent (utterly incredible, stunning and resonant performance by Pharmakon – although the film is of the performer AJA who supported) gig – plus a sound piece from Hortus Conclusus Records, put in an imaginary bowl & mix.

And this cooks up……

The musical piece is from VVAA – I Have Collected All The Writings Of The Empire And Burnt Those Which Were Of No Use (2017) which is here.

This is by Globoscuro (Emiliano Pietrini) and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt.

“Different kind of arts can be melted, penetrated, infused one into the other to give birth to a compelling embrace of ispiration which is able to generate “sound across the word” and across both to create visions, images, sensations and universes otherwise inaccessible. It is precisely from this universal spirit that the album begins its journey, traveling through the portal that leads into the creative union of 14 artists for 14 songs based on 14 poems which from the “multitude” make themselves “unity” albeit keeping the oneiric substance of their own inner voice. The hapticity (or sonic kineticism) of “I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire” is strongly impactive, featuring psychedelic abstract overtones, concrete-cubic architectures, solemn moments of astral pondering and stupefyingly polished dark-ambient temples. The release also includes a book in pdf format which gathers all the literary works that gave light, inspiration and propulsion to the blossoming process of this album as well as the biographies of all the partecipating artists.”

Peters original poem for Zizi Nègre is here.


levenloos lichaam
van christus met
opgeblazen enkels

je wijst de plek
aan waar de ziekte
zijn tol eist

wat is dit
en wat is dat
vraag je aan de

beurse vlekken
paarse uitstulpingen
vette etterbuilen
vieze windsels

neemt en eet
dit lijf zeg je
kijk mens

daar hang je
met plastic ogen
aan je halfstok
op de bodem
van het meer

krijtwit lichaam
met een gitzwart


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