Things That Fell Out Of the Box (Re-release)

Originally released at the start of the year on the sadly missed digitalDIZZY net label, I’m hugely grateful to Rune Martinsen & Øystein Jørgensen from Petroglyph Music for finding a new home for this chaotic compilation of songs from last year.

The ‘Things that fell out the box’ is a collection of asides, some of which were made to appear in other projects during 2016, others that didn’t quite fit in with other GoB projects.

The collection includes pieces made with Peter Wullen who it has been great to get to know and who I hope to collaborate with again. A mention also to Stickwrists who still thinks this is a hipster deal.

The year has been tumultuous in many ways and the collection reflects this, including as it does some pieces that could broadly be described as protest anthems and homages to mythical beasts that shouted down the decline of society in the past.

(Petroglyph546) Glove of Bones – Things That Fell Out Of The Box

Download the album here
Find more Petroglyph Music here


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