Ornithology (waag_rrl007)

Glove of Bones

I’m really happy to advise that one of my favourite collaborations has been released again on We Are All Ghosts, the net label run brilliantly by Thomas Mathie.

The album originally came out last year on digitalDIZZY, but as the Dizzy team are on hiatus I’m grateful to Thomas for giving the beast back its wings.

“Ornithology isn’t your usual release for waag: the emphasis on field recordings and found sounds is atypical … and the drifting dubby, electronic sounds are new to us.

But, and it is a big but, this is Cousin Silas at his best … wonderfully experimental and prepared to push boundaries along with his collaborator, graphic artist and card-carrying “twitcher”, Adrian Nicholls aka The Glove Of Bones. As such, this is very much a waag release … one that engages the listener and provides a wonderfully deep sonic experience.

I don’t like to see netlabels go under and I don’t like to see good music lost … I am proud to be able to give “Ornithology” a new home.” Thomas Mathie.

I recently put a video together for the Barn Owling, sorry…. barn storming penultimate Twin Peaks inspired ‘Greetings from Owl Cave’. You can catch that here……

Stream and download the whole album from the WAAG Bandcamp below. Huge thanks also to Cousin Silas for entertaining the ravings of an interloper.

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