Quintam Essentium

Somewhat in advance of the next album, the following is an outrider and a coming together of several thing I’ve been playing around with for a while.

I had started a film idea late last summer using a number of materials collected in Cornwall whilst on holiday. There are a number of stills from both Bodmin Moor (in around the Hurlers stone circle) and the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle. The film had the intention of illustrating an inner diving, through chattering thought, distraction etc, through to memory, paranoia, superstition, then focusing on a calm buzz of completion or bliss.
It went through a lot of different edits but wasn’t quite coming together as intended, or in a way that improved on the intent. It was a stop/start proposition which wasn’t engaging enough to keep on track, so it languished unfinished on my hard drive.

However, later in the year and following a conversation with Nathan/John from Argali I came across his ‘tool box’ of sounds, presented to be used and repurposed in other works. So, as things often happen, when playing with these and some new ultra slow beats the idea for a musical project based on chemistry, alchemy and mixology surfaced. And thats the new album which will get more attention after it’s released.

As a precursor to the album I revisited the film project to look for items to reuse, but in the process managed to finish the film in broadly the manner of original intent together with an extended almost improvised soundscape using materials collected for the album.

So, six months or more in the making, this is Quitam Essentium ( Missa De Invocatione Shamanic) – A Shamanic Invocation of the Fifth Element.

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