Glove of Love

T-Shirt Design

One of the advantages of a biographic project is the built requirement to revisit the past.

This piece of work comes from the period covered by the song ‘Looking for Big Fish and foraging for Wild Mercury in Missoula & Hibbing’. The place names reference Dylan and Lynch and its during the period 85 to 94 that I truly succumbed to their persuasive genius. The ‘Big Fish’ are a Lynchian reference to ideas, keep fishing and you often catch little fish but with patience you might also come across the Big Fish. More about his ideas here. ‘Wild Mercury’ comes from Dylans description of the sound he was looking for when making ‘Blond On Blond'(arguably the most perfectly formed album of an incredible career), “The closest I ever got to the sound I hear in my mind was on individual bands in the Blonde on Blonde album. It’s that thin, that wild mercury sound. It’s metallic and bright gold, with whatever that conjures up”.

This is the related song. Lynch’s words are featured, Bob is only there in spirit.

Creation is an act of love, a requirement of the conscious mind, indulged by all in their own ways. This set of lino block prints is implicitly concerned with the expression and act of love. They are small images, around 30 x 50mm, 30 in total and produced in a decorative style with a significant nod to Frans Masereel.

The piece was called ‘Nocturne’ and illustrates a night time journey and assignation.


As far a I recall there’s only one copy of this. It’s housed in a soft leather box cover and for the best part of the last 23 years has been in a box in my loft. To where its now being returned.


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