Walls of Dada – Video Project


As the previous post, I was very pleased to be asked to make some promotional films for the Walls of Dada album Kickstarter project. The project hit its target so the album will definitely happen. I have produced 6 films for this to date with materials for another two still pending.

Here they are in sequence.

I can’t entirely decide which is the most successful or personal favourite, although I do have a fondness for ILL as collecting the footage was really enjoyable. This mainly filmed on New Years Eve at Hunstanton Old Town beach in Norfolk, watching the last sun of 2016 set over the Wash.

Below are some stills / video capture shots from the films.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Very much looking forward to the release of this project, what I’ve heard sounds great.

You can still pledge to receive either the Vinyl & Download or Download only HERE.


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