One String Inspiration

One String Inspiration is a fundraising project for the children of Syrian Refugees.

One String Inspiration is a compilation of new music, a benefit album for Syria Relief.

From project organiser Rob Mellor; “Featuring more than 20 artists across many genres, the album contains two hours of new exclusive music.
What makes One String Inspiration different is that we challenged the artists to incorporate a home-made instrument or a found object – strings, wind, percussion, anything at all – that can be processed in any way but must be prominent in the mix. The end result is an album of exceptional creativity, sometimes melodic, sometimes experimental and sometimes frankly plain disturbing”.

You can order One String Inspiration as a digital download or limited edition double CD here:

There’s GoB track in there and I was pleased to contribute cover artwork and some product contribution. Enjoy nearly two hours of very creative musical explorations for only Four English Pounds and counter the utter lack of consideration given by the current British Government.


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