Kafou In Avalonia

Avalonia developed as a volcanic arc on the northern margin of Gondwana. It eventually rifted off, becoming a drifting microcontinent. The Rheic Ocean formed behind it, and the Iapetus Ocean shrank in front. It collided with the continents Baltica, then Laurentia, and finally with Gondwana, ending up in the interior of Pangea. When Pangea broke up, Avalonia’s remains were divided by the rift which became the Atlantic Ocean.

Kafou in Avalonia imagines a world where the landmass remained connected and civilisation took a more integrated path.

This is the fourth #Amibidub collaboration with Cousin Silas

Our previous releases are below;

Ornithology – https://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/ornithology-waag-rrl007
New Dub Manifesto – https://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/new-dub-manifesto-waag-rel109
Afrodubism – https://submarinebroadcastingco.bandcamp.com/album/spirits-of-afrodubism

Cousin Silas – Guitars, Samples & Keyboards
The Glove of Bones – Beats, loops, samples and rituals
Rob Mellor – Mastering

Huge tanks Chain DLK for this recent review which you can read here


Digital Download with track art

Limited Edition Cassette. Silver body cassette tape with 8 panel j card, wrapped wax sealed & numbered. May include gris-gris charms, who knows. 1-15. Includes digital download.

Deluxe Gris Gris bag edition. Hand stitched juju bag, includes a variety of charms for you to conduct your own rituals with a suitable soundtrack. We take no responsibility for possession, haunting, zombification or demons summoned. Includes digital download. 1-3

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